TBH Professional II Bench Drilling Machine

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Wet drill for drilling all types of precious stones (except diamonds), carbide, glass, quartz and ceramic with diamond hollow drill bits. With a powerful permanent magnet motor and spindle drive with three-fold pulley and poly V-belt. The precision mounted drilling spindle is drilled completely through so that the drills can be cooled through the spindles with coolant.
  • High stability when drilling since the diamond hollow drills can be screwed in directly (not via an adapter);
  • Almost six times the torque at lower engine speeds;
  • Quill feed for sensitive work;
  • Drilling depth indicator with adjustable stop;
  • Precision mounted drilling spindle.
Technical data:
    Usable table surface 20.0 x 20.0 cm; column 4.5 x 50.0 cm; 220-240 V; spindle rotations 1080, 2400, 4500 1/min; quill stroke 63 mm; height adjustment with crank 70 mm; reach 14.0 cm; water connection IG G ¾"; approx. 14.0 kg.
Delivery includes:
    TBH Professional II complete with water connector; PU pressure hose, 2 m; magnetic base with metal insert and metal plate for magnetic base.