Design, colour and identification in highest quality

COLORIT® is an integrated system for the high-quality colour design of solid surfaces.

COLORIT® is based on the principle of light-curing materials technology for ceramic compound materials. In this process, micro-fine ceramic particles are bonded with a liquid polymer, which hardens the compound material through exposure to blue light.

This basic technology enables individual colour designs of convincing purity and high surface quality to be realised, and is mainly used in the making of jewellery to embellish pieces of jewellery as well as in the medical industry to colour code surgical instruments.

Advantages of COLORIT®

Easy and efficient processing

Liquid COLORIT® stains can be applied in thin layers, each approx. 0.2 mm thick, using application tools or a dosing system to the desired surfaces and then be cured with blue light.

A variety of colours and effects

The range of standard colours alone is extremely diversified. Glitter, transparent, precious metal, pearl and black light effects can be achieved by adding or layering effect stains.


Cured COLORIT® exhibits a certain hardness, which allows the material to be processed mechanically to give the surface a shine by grinding and polishing.

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Due to the material properties, the colours are preserved permanently. They do not fade and the material withstands everyday wear and tear.

Non-toxic + 100% biocompatible

Due to its composition and similarity to medical polymer ceramics, COLORIT® is a 100% biocompatible material which is regularly tested for toxicity and biocompatibility.

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Resistance to galvanic baths

Parts coated with COLORIT® can be ultrasonically cleaned, electrolytically degreased and electroplated.

COLORIT® – 4 steps to the desired result

1. Preparation - Wet the cleaned and recessed workpiece with COLORIT®Premium Bond or COLORIT® Primer for 60 seconds, if necessary apply COLORIT® Bond thinly. Cure with blue light.

Jewelry Nylon Bead Cord, Carnelian, No. 7, ø 0,85 mm

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2. Apply and cure COLORIT® - Apply COLORIT® evenly (approx. 0.2 mm layer). Cure with blue light. Repeat procedure to the desired level.

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4. Finishing - Grind, turn or polish the workpiece designed with COLORIT® as desired. In addition, the finished workpiece can also be electroplated.

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Alcontura Polishing Buffs, ø 25 x 6 mm, Mounted

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